Which brand of infrared thermometer is well?

Which brand of infrared thermometer is well?

2021-04-10 14:54:38

1. Microlife Thermometer

Recommended reason: Use infrared rapid temperature measurement technology. Dual-mode temperature measurement with wide range measurement, in addition to measuring body temperature, it can also measure surface temperature and ambient temperature. Provide blue light source guide for temperature measurement at night to facilitate measurement. 30 groups of memory values are automatically stored, data is automatically recorded, and the historical body temperature is quickly known.

2. HeTaiDa forehead temperature

Reason for recommendation: The domestic foundry giants of major international brands have their own temperature measurement technology solutions and supporting technology chips, rich experience, and a wide range of models. It can automatically store 50 sets of memory values, with high sensitivity, which can be read in only 2 seconds, without long waiting, the accuracy of the test is accurate and credible, and the lightweight shape is more convenient to carry, and the three-color backlight allows you to take a look Just know your physical condition.

3. IHealth infrared thermometer

Recommended reason: very convenient and quick to measure body temperature. There are three measurement modes: body temperature mode, surface temperature mode, room temperature mode, and surface temperature mode to measure the temperature of milk and water. There is also a fever alarm setting; the buzzer function is very convenient to use at night.

4. Omron thermometer

Recommended reason: It has one-second non-contact temperature measurement, fast temperature measurement, high accuracy, and automatic buzzer prompt after measuring the medium, which is very suitable for home use, and the quiet temperature measurement mode will not disturb the rest.

5. Zhenhaikang thermometer

Recommended reason: the dark horse of e-commerce is very convenient, and it is very fast to measure body temperature. There are two measurement modes: human body mode, object temperature mode, object temperature mode can measure the temperature of liquid, voice broadcast function. There is also a fever alarm setting; buzzer reminder function.

6. Braun ear thermometer

Recommended reason: It has imported probes, which makes the measurement more accurate. After the upgrade, it does not require earmuffs to save consumables. It has two modes of contact and non-contact, which can be used by the whole family. The temperature test can be completed in two seconds. Wait to save time.

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