infrared thermometer

Confidence, determination, and active thinking are the qualities that Mr. Chen Zhenguang exudes, leaving a strong first impression. These attributes also reflect the overall mindset of the entire HeTaiDa staff.

In the year 2000, Mr. Chen Zhenguang, a graduate majoring in applied electronic technology, embarked on a journey to fulfill his dreams in Shenzhen. Filled with enthusiasm, he joined an enterprise where he dedicated himself to the design and development of weighing scale measuring chips.

At the end of 2002, a sudden atypical pneumonia quickly swept the world, and governments of various countries started body temperature monitoring to prevent the further spread of pneumonia. At this time, Mr. Chen Zhenguang in Shenzhen found that some developed countries use forehead thermometers, and the average detection time for a single person is about 3 seconds, which is fast and efficient; while the domestic mercury thermometer is used, and the detection time is 3-5 minutes, which is costly Not to mention the manpower, the efficiency is still very low.

But at that time, the chip development technology of infrared thermometers was still a blank in China, and the prevention and control of chip technology abroad was also extremely strict, and chip development was extremely difficult. However, Mr. Chen Zhenguang firmly believes that this technology can benefit the country and the people. In 2003, Mr. Chen Zhenguang quit his stable job and was invited to join Songhan Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in the field of medical research and development of infrared thermometers, leading a team to be responsible for infrared Design, development and technical support of clinical thermometer chips.

infrared thermometer

Mr. Chen Zhenguang was obsessed with its precise texture and core algorithm when he first encountered the chip development of infrared thermometer. In the days that followed, he often worked until early morning before leaving get off work. Four years passed quickly, and infrared chip technology became more mature.

In the winter moon of 2007, this month he later called "witnessing the technological disaster", because of one incident, he once again awakened his inner compassion.

Because of a cold, Mr. Chen Zhenguang went to the hospital to get medicine, but he saw a mother at a loss: When taking the temperature of a child, when the thermometer was placed under the armpit, the child danced around and cried loudly; the mother’s mouth, hands, and legs The combined use couldn't coax the child, and finally tears of grievance burst out of the bank. This scene made Mr. Chen Zhenguang realize that if his own research results cannot be popularized to millions of households, then the job will lose its original value.

Therefore, he found the sensor research and development tycoon he met in the past-Dr. Zhang graduated from Tsinghua University in Taiwan. The two adhere to the philosophy of striving for peace and well-being for life, taking everything better and better, and creating the "Hetaida" brand. The purpose is to popularize infrared temperature measurement technology to thousands of households, improve medical conditions, and bring health and happiness to everyone.

On the first day of business, Mr. Chen Zhenguang entered the company with a pair of summer mats. He will often work in the company until late at night because the thermometer's measurement accuracy is not up to standard or the product quality is not good enough. He will gradually calculate algorithm technology, troubleshoot technical problems, write product reports, and sleep on the office floor when he is tired. During that time, the office building in the middle of the night could always see the orange light belonging to him.

In terms of production, Mr. Chen Zhenguang strictly pays attention to management errors, implements a "zero tolerance" system, cultivates the awareness of quality management of all employees from the details, engraves the brand into the bones, and conducts full-process supervision through quality control personnel to ensure that every product There are traces for every production link.

The dream will always bloom for those who stick to it. In 2013, the first non-contact infrared thermometer developed by Mr. Chen Zhenguang was born. Due to precise measurement and high cost performance, it quickly set off an ordering frenzy in the domestic and overseas markets. In the past few years, it has successfully won the sales crown of infrared thermometers.

infrared thermometer

Now, after several years of hard work, the TeTaiDa train is on track. Through the unremitting pursuit of life and health, Hetaida people have built an ecosystem for family health. Products such as blood pressure monitors, hearing aids, and blood glucose meters have sprung up; in more and more countries and regions, Hetaida has become The people's health partners have built the first line of defense for family health.

In the future, Mr. Chen Zhenguang plans to continue to rely on a complete organizational structure, product structure and resource allocation to build the company into an industry-leading home medical device ecological chain platform enterprise, bringing health and happiness to more people.

infrared thermometer

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