What are the causes of neonatal jaundice

What are the causes of neonatal jaundice

2023-08-02 09:49:12

Most newborns will appear jaundice after birth, that is, the skin appears yellow obviously. This is mainly due to the disorder of bilirubin metabolism in the baby's body, which increases the bilirubin concentration in the blood and makes the skin, eyeball and mucous membrane of the patient yellow. Neonatal jaundice is mostly physiological, but there are also some pathological, so it can not be ignored.

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What are the causes of neonatal jaundice?

1. Physiological reasons

During the fetal period, the mother will produce a large number of immature red blood cells in order to meet their own needs for oxygen. After the baby is born, red blood cells will slowly rupture, and then there will be a lot of bilirubin released into the blood, so that the blood bilirubin content increased. In addition, the liver of the newborn baby is not fully mature, and the metabolic capacity is weak, which leads to neonatal physiological jaundice. There is no need to worry about such problems, let the child eat more breast milk and urinate more.

2. Hemolytic jaundice

Mother and child's blood type difference also can cause jaundice, the most common is ABO hemolysis. There is a great relationship between the blood type of parents and children and the risk of hemolytic jaundice. Jaundice will appear within one day after the birth of the child. As time goes on, the symptoms will become more and more serious.

3. Obstructive jaundice

This kind of jaundice is because the baby appeared congenital biliary malformation, the most common is congenital biliary atresia. Jaundice occurs 1-2 weeks after the birth of the child, and the color will become darker and darker, and the color of stool will also become light yellow or white pottery color.

4. Breast milk jaundice

The pregnant diol contained in breast milk will reduce the metabolism of bilirubin in the baby's body, thus causing jaundice. Generally, it can be alleviated as long as the breast milk is stopped for about a week. This kind of jaundice does not need to worry too much, and it will not cause the child's discomfort.

5. Infectious jaundice

This kind of jaundice is due to the damage of liver function caused by viral or bacterial infection in infants, which leads to jaundice. Most of them belong to intrauterine infection, especially hepatitis B virus, cytomegalovirus, rubella virus or Toxoplasma gondii infection. Septic jaundice is caused by bacterial infection, children jaundice will continue.


Usually, children should be allowed to bask in the sun, because under the action of ultraviolet light, the excess bilirubin in the body can be directly converted into water-soluble substances, which can be discharged from the body with the urine. If the child jaundice more serious words, should be in the hospital for ultraviolet light irradiation, in the process of treatment must cover the eyes, to prevent damage to the retina. In addition to the use of diapers, and then do a good job of reproductive parts and anus, you can also choose traditional Chinese medicine under the guidance of the doctor to help eliminate jaundice.


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