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Structural engineer

发布日期:2023-06-21 00:00:00

Job category: mechanical structure engineer


1. Participate in the review of new product appearance and overall scheme, product structure, performance and other product design stages;

2. Responsible for the description of product shape, design and modification of 3D structure, sample production, test verification, etc;

3. Evaluation, follow-up, modification and final sample confirmation of plastic mold

4. Sample preparation of structural parts and the formulation and recognition of requirements; sample standard formulation and inspection confirmation

5. Responsible for the output and maintenance of technical data of new products in each stage: 3D assembly drawing, parts engineering drawing, BOM, mold acceptance report and other data.

6. Help to analyze and solve the batch defects of mass production products in the production process, and help to solve customer complaints.


1. 25-36 years old, college degree or above, major in manufacturing and automation;

2. 3 years of product structure design experience, 2 years of consumer electronics product structure design experience;

3. Proficient in Pro / E drawing software, proficient in 3D assembly drawing and engineering drawing production;

4. Familiar with product appearance, structure design, tolerance control, machining, material, surface treatment and other related knowledge;

5. Familiar with the structure of plastic and metal mould;

6. Familiar with plastic parts molding process, familiar with hardware parts molding and processing technology

7. Familiar with product development process control, good communication skills;

Fresh graduates can also be trained.

Age requirement: 27-40 years old

Language requirements: Unlimited

Department: R & D department

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