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Warehouse Keeper

发布日期:2023-07-01 00:00:00

Position category: warehouse / Material Manager

operating duty:

1. Be responsible for the registration of daily incoming and outgoing materials and the warehousing of relevant materials;

2. Be responsible for monthly warehouse inventory;

3. The in and out, in and out of the warehouse of materials should be accounted, and there should be no difference;

4. Analyze the reasons for the number of inventory in and out of the warehouse every month, and correct them

Job requirements:

1. 20-30 years old, high school or above;

2. More than 1 year working experience in the same position, familiar with warehouse receiving and delivery process,

3. Familiar with office software (such as word, Excel);

4. The handwriting is neat and clear, the number is sensitive, the principle is strong, has the financial foundation first;

5. Work conscientiously, have a sense of responsibility, obey the work arrangement, work hard.

Age requirement: Unlimited

Language requirements: Unlimited

Department: Material Control Department

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