2010: Founded the TeTaiDa brand; provided infrared technology solutions and core technology modules for companies such as McDuff.

2013: A new generation of infrared clinical thermometers came out, leading the future technology development of infrared clinical thermometers in China.

2014-2016: Dongguan Hetaida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established and the Hetaida brand; successively passed authoritative certifications such as CFDA, CE, FDA, and ISO.

2016-2018: Selected into the government (China, South Korea and Africa) procurement directory for many times; strong cooperation with Sinopharm, Common People's Pharmacy, Mindray Medical, Braun, etc.

2019-2020: The company's scale will be expanded by 5 times, high-end talents will be introduced, and 10,000+ square meters of factory buildings and office buildings will be built in the high-tech park; intelligent and automated equipment will be introduced to establish an international level production line.

After 2020: Continue to be committed to creating differentiated high-quality products and desirable brands to serve global consumers and bring health and happiness to more people.

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