• FAQ 1;Why can't I open the machine?

    A: It is very likely that the battery is installed incorrectly. The battery is installed one by one. If two batteries are installed in the same direction, it will not turn on.

  • FAQ 2: When measuring "Lo" in the same environment, what is the reason?

    A: The possible reasons are:
    1) The measurement distance is too far, the temperature of the surrounding environment may be measured, the measurement distance of the body thermometer design is between 1-3 cm, and the best measurement distance is about 1 cm;
    2) There is a deviation in the measurement position. When measuring the body temperature, the thermometer is aligned with the center of the forehead (above the eyebrow) and kept vertical;
    3) When the person being tested has hair blocking on the forehead, sweat on the forehead or water, pasting a fever-fed sticker or eating a fever-reducing drug, the forehead is blown against the air conditioner, and a strong wind blows over the surface of the forehead. Lo", please let the test subject to stand still in a relatively static environment for 5-10 minutes;
    4) There are very few people whose forehead surface temperature is lower than the average person. At this time, the test result may be “Lo”. The thermometer can be adjusted to the “surface temperature” mode for measurement, and then the other person's forehead surface temperature is measured. A comparison, at this time can be determined when the body temperature is normal, the main concern is the high temperature alarm or fever "Hi";
    5) The F4-temperature overall offset setting parameter is incorrect.
  • FAQ 3: When using the first time, I feel that the measurement temperature is deviated. What is the reason?

    A: If it is for the first time, please follow the steps below:
    Step 1: Place the thermometer in a stable ambient temperature for more than 30 minutes;
    Step 2: Use a traditional mercury thermometer or an electronic thermometer to measure someone, assuming a temperature of 36.8 degrees Celsius;
    Step 3: Use the non-contact infrared thermometer to measure the same person, pay attention to the measurement distance and measurement method: keep the distance between the thermometer and the forehead between 1-3 cm, remove any obstacles that may affect the measurement, If hair, sweat, etc., if you get the same temperature of 36.8 degrees Celsius, the thermometer is set up properly and can be used normally. If you get a lower reading of 36.4 degrees Celsius and the difference is 0.4 degrees Celsius, you can set F1 to "0.4 degrees Celsius". Conversely, if you are 0.4 degrees Celsius, you can set the F1 value to "-0.4 degrees Celsius".
  • FAQ 4: Is the thermometer harmful to the human body? Is there radiation to the human body?

    A: The infrared thermometer is used to calculate the body temperature of the human body by collecting the infrared radiation of the human body. It is passively receiving infrared radiation energy. The product does not need to directly contact the human body, and will not bring cross infection of different human bodies. The thermometer produced by the company has no body pollution. Radiation, so it is harmless to the human body.

  • FAQ 5:The thermometer measures all people to report alarms, either high or low, is there a problem with product quality?

    A: This kind of problem is generally caused by a problem with the setting of the thermometer. You can refer to the correction settings in the instructions for use.