FAQ 2: When measuring "Lo" in the same environment, what is the reason?


A: The possible reasons are:
1) The measurement distance is too far, the temperature of the surrounding environment may be measured, the measurement distance of the body thermometer design is between 1-3 cm, and the best measurement distance is about 1 cm;
2) There is a deviation in the measurement position. When measuring the body temperature, the thermometer is aligned with the center of the forehead (above the eyebrow) and kept vertical;
3) When the person being tested has hair blocking on the forehead, sweat on the forehead or water, pasting a fever-fed sticker or eating a fever-reducing drug, the forehead is blown against the air conditioner, and a strong wind blows over the surface of the forehead. Lo", please let the test subject to stand still in a relatively static environment for 5-10 minutes;
4) There are very few people whose forehead surface temperature is lower than the average person. At this time, the test result may be “Lo”. The thermometer can be adjusted to the “surface temperature” mode for measurement, and then the other person's forehead surface temperature is measured. A comparison, at this time can be determined when the body temperature is normal, the main concern is the high temperature alarm or fever "Hi";
5) The F4-temperature overall offset setting parameter is incorrect.