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Love for children will never compromise
This statement profoundly describes the brand spirit of Hetaida. Hetaida R & D team work day and night, continue to innovate, constantly upgrade the product technology, the accuracy of the product temperature measurement to the extreme, so that the baby has a comfortable temperature measurement experience, that is, we give the baby 100% care. Because on the issue of children's health, we never dare to be sloppy or lucky. "Almost" cannot survive here, we will never compromise. Conscience and social responsibility are the bottom line of our business. We will never compromise on product quality for economic benefits.



Strictly demand yourself with high standards

Hetaida own factory has 2200 square meters of dust-free anti-static constant temperature production workshop, laboratory-level black body sink and other equipment and testing room.

The temperature standard is implemented in accordance with the standards of the China Institute of Metrology. All products will be clinically tested in the hospital before the market to ensure the accuracy of the measured data. We are very proud of the fact that all medical system certifications and Hetaida products are one-off, which once again proves the high quality and high performance of Hetaida products.


Hetaida Official website
Hetaida Official website


20 critical tests

In order to ensure the reliability of various performances of the products, each product has to undergo more than 20 rigorous tests, and qualified people can reach the hands of consumers. These tests include different temperature and humidity environments, ESD performance, leakage current, withstand voltage, salt tolerance, button life, battery performance, storage performance, transport vibration and drop testing, PCBA circuit board testing, RoHS hazardous chemical composition testing, and solder inspection. , sound decibel test, etc.

The product production specifications have obtained GMP, ISO13485, QSR820 quality management system certification, and the quality has obtained international certification.